Nursery BASTET
Bastet - Goddess of love and fertility, represented as a cat or a woman with a cat's head. Was considered a benign goddess caring.
I present to you exclusive product Silverbastis * PL - wooden Birth-box made by my project I have proven in use for a period of 2 years. At the time I received it kittens during pregnancy and looked after the kittens with small children. Thanks to this know what elements should throw to protect babies against too eager to caress small 1-2 year old children, and refined all the details so that it is comfortable, durable, functional and elegant.
       Main features of the nursery:
  • Full size of birth-box  100cm x60cm x 40cm

  • size inner space of the nest 75cm x 60cm

  • total waight 30 kg

  • second groove to let in the wall for make space 40 cm ( for cat toilet)

  • two way out: first for mather and second for the small kittens

  • wood surface painted in any color of your choice

  • nursery protected from moisture by matt varnish

  • inside fluorescent lighting

  • 2 double-sided pillows ( for inner space of the nest and for the full size of the nursery)

  • movable and lockable wheels

 These birthbox are naturally adapted to the Maine Coon. If necessary, we can make box in the diferent size suitable for the smaller breeds of cats.
Birth-box has the advantage over the other, that it is well protected against moisture and can be safely cleaned and disinfected before the subsequent births. No  swells from spilled milk, water or pee kitten that has not yet hit where it should be. Such thoughtful in every detail Use birth-box you only get about us. That's why our products are branded my cattery- which confirms the quality of the product.
Females from my experience during childbirth pain looking for a place a small, dark and very secret so I put a smaller booth to delivery room to encourage a cat to hide in it and thus persuaded to give birth here in this place.
Birth attendants pillows are double-sided so you can use them for longer before they need washing. After turning on the blank page and retain the smell of mother's nest so do not bother too much kittens. They signed our sign - I have the pleasure to use pillow and washed them. Pillows have survived all of its properties.
Our pillows are sold sign
Central wall was formed so that a small child can not reach out and grab a kitten. A cat can be very comfortable for children to go through obstacles and stay securely in place. Also noticed that the cat since I have added to the delivery room wall that much more likely to use it.
Please pay attention to the inside corner - right next to a lamp with plug hole through which light can release the cable inserted into the delivery room or heating pad
As you can see in the delivery room is enough space for a comfortable childbirth and to comfortably deal with the cat and kittens in the first weeks.
It is diferent from first one box by add second way out suitable for small kittens. It is usesfoul when we decide they are ready to introdution them outside space, our home. Then kittens can leave at easy came back to safe place :-)
And this is the looks of birth-box already without partition, when it comes time to learn to eat, drink, and the first attempts to use cat-toilet. There is enough space for adult females with young, or even a little higher kittens. When kittens get older and need more space, you can open and remove the entire cover of the partition wall to enlarge the space for bigger and more active kittens.
Round the door are just doing to the active and climbing at 3 weeks babies do not fall out of the slot. Cat at the time jumps back to them through the open top of the birth-box.
This is how look enter for  cat to inside.
Birth-box made of alder wood painted with matte paint so that we could adequately protect it against damage claws of adult cats. And I have a Maine Coon cats - it's big, heavy and strong cats. And so my kitty as he jumped on and pushed birth-box claws to hold on - made the last certified wood reliability. Not even a trace remains after the pirouette
this is how You will recognize our products
full range of colors to our pillows
photo fully reflect the natural colors of visible material