Through a tragic medical error we lost our four beloved cats.
They were our love, hope and future of cattery, great pride, part of our family and ourselves.
Desolation and despair swept our hearts.
Left so suddenly and unexpectedly at such a young age.
We are in great shock and we can not believe what happened.
We thought that we did not increase until after this tragedy
- either as breeding or as a family cat ...

We did not realize how many good and kind people we have around us.
So many words of support and encouragement we received.
The vastness of the spiritual support but also in the reconstruction of the actual cattery.

With all our hearts we would like to thank all those wonderful people
who give us support in these dramatic moments in particular:

Katharina Magger from “Justcoons”

Ewa Szczucka from „Melluandia”

Ola Dominik from „Magic Home”

Krysa Banasiak from „Jastrzebiec”

Ewa Kralka from „Ewjataru”

Asia Raubuć from „Maykatri Blue”

Olga Szulakowsa from „ Bellamondo”

Ania Turek from „Hunters Moon”

Jadwiga Jędrzejowska from „Jadry”

Basia Sroka z hodowli "Nefeli"

Kasia Nalepa – designer of our homepage

And our family

You are amazing human beings, full of heart and love for cats
- who are the most wonderful company of human life.
Thank You for Your understanding, and each warm word of what we heard from You.
You are our support and cornerstone.
Thanks to You and for people like You we will continue to raise kittens with great character,
so many people were able to find what a wonderful feeling to allow some cat to live in his heart and life.

Thank You for being with us.



I am not able to find the right words to say goodbye,
because I do not want to farewell with you.
I can not accept the fact that you no longer here ,
but still reminds me of it the enormous emptiness in my house.
Each of you has been exceptional
and there are so many things I will miss that even I can not name them all.
A huge pain tearing my heart.
I know only one ... life will never be the same.
Sleep well our treasures.
We love you! You live in us and always will.