Few Words From The Owners Of Our Kittens

Gosia :)

kitty is marvelous , so what I dreamed ! ! She is beautiful and smart - you know it anyway :)

She sleeps and stays in this room where I am. Xuxa followed me around the house , always greets me , even when I'm coming late from work . The whole nights sleeps , she likes to sleep on the windowsill or in bed , but always in the room where I am.
She is gentle and hugly for all but the sleeping it favors me , of which I am proud.
Now she is sitting here next to , actually is and a purr , washing up ;) It is very curious about everything , like our rabbit is released it willingly jumps into his cage , he is drinking water from a bowl and nibbling hay ! ! Loves to playing , do not eat it ;)
Xuxa -  we call her too this way- does not destroy us anything , cables does not move, and this is the most scared. Only takes care of the cuvette.
This is a wonderful creature , a dream come true , really excited about her presence in our home. My kid said that " without the cat's life," because Xuxa gives him to wear on his hands and did not flee , and he wears it all over the place and talking to her. I also her stretcher , then I feel like a purring sweetly !
Once she was in the apartment only daughter , she closed the door ( always does ) from your room, this kitten was crying so loudly to let her . Justin was surprised , because before kitty asleep, but woke up and you can see she did not want to be alone :) . She let her course.

It's great , thank you again for this amazing creature : D

Grazyna and Xuxa


Hello and many greetings from a wonderful, sweet Kenya! She must be the most social, kitten I have ever met. :-)) Kenya Lion  is just so much fun at home, a real entertainer. smileAlways up to something, playing with the kittens or trying to steal my food. Kenya is great, she is right now lying on the table next to the laptop, washing her paws and trying to steal my sandwich. smileShe is such a baby still, cuddly and sweet. smileAlways near and always stealing my food.  I think she might have been gourmet chef in her previous life, she loves good food so much! Yesterday, I left a pan with cream sauce at the kitchen desk after we had eaten dinner. We went out to walk our dog, and when we came in, waht do we find? Kenya, with her whole head in the pan and her face completely covered in cream sauce..! smile

She had some problems accepting our dog Grizzly at first, she wondered who that big, brown, giant cat was. But they are friend now , eats from the same bowl too, Kenya thinks that dog food is her food. smileBoth of them sleeps in our bed also, it's 5 cats and one dog in our bed, we need a bigger bed!

We had guests today, kitten buyers, and they were very impressed by her. They have also a 6 months old maine coon, a boy, and they said that Kenya is a lot bigger than their same age boy.. Nobody believes me when I tell them her age, she is really big..  Im very proud dof her and thank you so much for this fantastic queen.

                                                   Mia Wikström   S*Shantaram's


A few words about my sweetiest Italia......

She was born from a mating of a girl from my cattery Donna Clara and Donnie Darko Justcoons. When I got a telephone call from Agnieszka that a tortie baby girl was born and she could be mine ..... I was so happy. I could also choose a name for her. It was very easy to do it after a first photo of her. Do you know why?

First - I was during a trip to Italy. Second - her coat. Very warm colours, deep red with black and white. Like a weather in Italy.

For the third reason I had to wait until I got her..... She is like an Italian women. Very talkative and funny, always in a cetre of my attention.

But the most import_ant about Italia is how she looks. Wonderful long body, perfect head with big, well placed ears and a tail like "neverending story". Fantastic, very easy to groom, long coat. That's why Italia got the Supreme Champion title in a short time instead of her very young age. She was only 15 months old. She's won also Best of Breed Cat from all categories on the show in Brno in Czech Republic between 280 another cats in competition. I was so proud and happy.

I want to thank again Agnieszka that she has choosen me to be a "mother" of that brilliant girl and I'm sure it's not the last words about Italia. We have to wait until she becomes a mother and we will be proud of her babies as much as now we are proud of Italia. Thank you darling for this diamont.    


   Ewa Szczucka Melluandia*PL    


We have two wonderful cats from Gosia. The first cat in our house was the Effi Silverbastis  and she will always occupy a special place in our hearts. Effi is a very gentle cat and polite - not met the second cat good behaved as Effi, he never caused trouble. He is very attached to us, loves us - the most I like when she rub against my nose on our faces, she can cuddle such a long time :) This is the sweetest cat I know.
Effi is a very long cat, a beautiful blue coat, beautifully
placement big ear.
Another kitty from Gosia's  is Keira Night (at home affectionately called Kira). Kira as a small kitten was often called goblins everywhere :)
Home was full of her, everything was interesting, had to be the center of attention, and at the same time was really polite - as an adult she dont changed at all  :) He is very brave cat anyone and have no fear . She likes to catch us and our guests, and play with them, like a little kitten. She is  very happy kitty and makes at home  always something going on with her-you can not get bored :)
Keira is also a long cat tail for endless. Fur has a beautiful strong colors-black, red and silver interwoven with each other. Great beard, beautifully arranged big ears strong profile always pleasing to the judges.
Gosia Thank you for your friendship, support, and two lovely females.

                               Magdalena and Marcin

                                                                                                          Przewoźniak   Eilistri*PL


"Our Noemi - from  Silverbasis*PL cattery  is a very friendly cat, very well-bredShe is smart, brave, but also very laid - and do not cause any problems. Moreover, she is a great" hugger ". Walking step by step with us during our daily duty's.  When we came to Gosia door I knew that females from this home is the perfect choice. Immediately, with a twinkle in cats eyes the whole cat family is surrounded my person demanding the attention and affection there:) Females of this culture are raised in stress-free atmosphere in the company of a man. Highly recommended! "

                      Katarzyna Sójka


I am the owner, although the word does not fit into my cats-they are not the property of anyone, are free and I think that cats are happy for us members of the household, friends who live with us. First came to us  Milka -beautiful, loved and adored by all female. It is for me as a friend  for  the good and the bad moments of my life. Just watch to know what he feels and thinks. After a few months have indicated that would be lovely if she could have the company of another cat and then came to us Nergal, of course, from Gosia. This male have  bears character . He's like a big soft toy, and when you look into his eyes to hear-let someone hug me! You can not resist it. Together Milka and Nergal are a friends who  eat from one bowl, wash each other, cuddle and love, It's like a crazy time doing races come first in the kitchen and their crazy fun is not to describe a must see.
I would like to sincerely and wholeheartedly thank to Gosia by counsel for the education and care of cats for 24 phone-call when I knew that if I call the problem and she will always help and advise. When buying cats know what the characters are exactly what worked. Thanks for everything! I give mail


My cat Mufasa comes from Gosia breeding
from SILVERBASTIS he came from.
We call him Manius and love him very much.
As his name indicates Mufasa is a king at home.
And as the king Manius  is first to eat
first in bed asleep and has the best toys.
Coat dense silver and white

And our Mufasa is great cat!
King stoically tolerate treatments and fondling
and politely asking for more.
That's idyllic life is go on up eating
walks and fun.
We are grateful for Gosia for the care and upbringing
Im sure Mufasa remembers the old house and his mom!

                                  Ewa Rakocy


When Gosia was agree that the Milky Way will go to me, I could not wait a few times a day, watching the pictures that Gosia was sending to us very often. Finaly came the day when Milky was ready to change his home. It was on Dec. 6, the best gift Santa could imagine how .... although as I saw him look a little like a bat :), skinny, large ears, thin tail, long and a little in comparison with the adult cat owner, I thought it was omposible that this cat can grow up to be fluffy cat .... yet :), grew in her eyes, every day more and more beautiful. He is amasing best frend and delicious, and looks at me with those eyes to sag. He is my companion in all the household chores and the back yard. He  dont have problems with feeding, because he was eat many diferent type of food before leaving cattery. At the sound of the first intercom is at the door, he is welcoming guests. I love the most when he came into the night creeps in under the covers, pulls only head and sleeps nestled in my arm. I appreciate the fact that at any time I can ask the breeder about everything in every situation will advise, help, give specific instructions.
Thank you with all my heart

                       Beata Daniszewska


Marco Polo is loved by everyone in the home - the small and the large part of our family. At night, when we go to sleep he laid on aquarium (where he has made special shelf ) and sleep there - I always say, that he supervises hes fishes. And the night comes on the bed and pacing around us, buries her up. In the morning wakes me up before the alarm rings, gently hooked claws.
It's still behind us, loves company and does not like to stay alone at home come for a while. It is extremely curious world.
He used to love sleep on the shelf for the keyboard, but I can not because it does not fix when he grow up. Also loved to sleep with his grandmother (my mother) in bed. But as happy sleeping on a table in the room grandparents. And even my mother, who always was said that cat can not be on the table and the bed, naw she  allows him to be everywhere where he wants. This is true love!

He is Super. As he was small he had such thin tail and nobody believed, that sometime he will be so fluffy, but now tail is exquisite. He walks from first day cat toilet and never do nathing elsewhere it has been handled. He is very clean cat. By you well-bred. On my daughter Maggie  the side of the desk we glued pictures Marco Polo as he was still tiny and always like to look at it I can see how much has changed. It is a large and quite heavy cat.
As he was
small kitten
he loved to sit on the desk between the monitor, printer and Maggie distributed toys to play with and expose its belly to the top. And he do it still

I never thought I't will be so easy to love a pet, but it is more than I was expected.
He brought a lot of joy to our home.
Thank you for the well-behaved
Marco Polo.

            Monika Zabłocka z córką Madzią