Welcome all visitors to our site, where we show  what we love most in life - Maine Coon Cats.

The history of our love for cats was beginning in childhood. When we were little girls, came to our house homeless and hungry black cat. We were wery hopefoul he will stay with us. And so it happened. Beauty boy we named "Negro". Since then he has become a constant companion of our playground. Negro, as a young male, was master of the yard and neighborhood. Every people was sceared of his size, massive of the body and danger eyes . Friends often afraid to take it on their hands, but Negro was wery gentel and sweet cat to anyone, never did harm. He was serious and calm, had his sentence and never underwent under someones pressure. He was not a typical, lazy servant. He preferred to spend time outdoors, and every cat and dog was respected him in his area.He also had his funny habits. Often when it rained, he came home all wet, jumping on the sink and waited for someone who will open the tap to be able to drink water. He had a very loud voice. Neighbors in the whole block knew when the Negro wants to go home. He loved to lie under a warm stove in the winter frosts, his favorite place to sleep was chair, which unfortunately was also the favorite seat of our daddy. Nigger always appeared when one of us suffered from grief and comforted. We Loved to, when he in the morning came to wake us. Wipe the nose on our faces and trampled over us until we woke up.

Now Negro is already retired will about twenty years. There dont have a single tooth, slowly losing his hearing, sight and voice, but his eyes still can read deep affection, love and gratitude. Its a bit awkward, especially since he broke in a front paw, and he lost feeling in it. Now needs constant care and lifestyle changes for peace. So calm your cat live to day in a warm flat of one of us, where it lacks a full bowl.

Spring of 2008, he passed away and we never saw him again ..... People say that cats prefer leave the home to die ..... We strongly regret that it was not given to us to say him goodbye.

This is how began a great love for big, black (and other) cat,with a magnificent stately character.



Our cattery is registered in the Cat Fanciers Association Cat Club No Problem associated in the Polish Federation Felinological Felis Polonia and falling patronage of the worlds largest federation of FIFe. We are a small home cattery from Boleslawiec (between Legnica and Zgorzelec). As an enthusiast beautiful Maine Coon we want to develop our breding and strive to the best of our cats reproduce and perpetuate it. Although our cattery is very young, we are trying to associate our cats was tipical building to the breed standard.We want our next future and owsprings were characterized by their large size, solid construction with great muscular body, perfect construction of the head with a strong chin, cheeks, fine, strong foot, long and wide muzzle and highly embedded, simple ears ended brush. We also want our kittens had a long and fluffy fur and a thick, airy and a long tail.

We also care to our cats are healthy and strong, so we try to give them the best veterinary care. We pay close attention to genetic research and we are trying to exclude cats transmitting genetic mutations. Our cats are tested for HCM1, HCM2, SMA and PKD. We want every ensure that only the best and clean cats genetically transmitted for further breeding.